Top Gun Women’s Jumpsuit Costume


Top Gun Women’s Jumpsuit Costume

You’ve always been a bit enterprising, now haven’t you? And those flyboys may think that they are such hot stuff, but that’s only because they’ve never seen a woman take the pilot’s seat.Well, buckle up, boys because you’re about to be put in your places! In this Top Gun Women’s Jumpsuit, you can rock a flightsuit-style costume with a kick and show the fellas how the balance of elegance and power is really done. It comes complete with enough attitude to win you a dogfight before you even hit the skies, and that’s all before breakfast! By the time you make it out on Halloween eve, your town will be abuzz with talk of the lady maverick circling the city, flying rings around those other pilots. Let those fellas keep their fancy flying school, you’ve been trained to understand that a spot on look helps you soar sky-high above the competition, costume or otherwise. So grab a co-pilot for the night or fire up your engines to fly solo; either way, you’re going to look like a total Ace!That’s because this officially licensed look boasts a body-celebrating army green catsuit that stretches to fit you like a glove, complete with Top Gun patches attached to the chest and shoulders. You can even interchange the names between “Maverick” and “Goose” to complete the transformation. Of course, we think you can also just keep your own name and show those guys once and for all, that you’re top in command tonight! Seeing you in this powerhouse ensemble truly takes our breath away.

Want to show those boys how a real girl flies a jet? This Top Gun Women’s Jumpsuit gets you ready for action in the skies or on the ground.

SAS ID: 38286

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