Toddler Lederhosen Boy Costume


Toddler Lederhosen Boy Costume

Guten Tag! Here are some fun facts about lederhosen: They were once common workwear across Central Europe, they were more durable than a fabric garment, and they were handmade, making the pants very durable. As those leather pants were quite valuable and could last a lifetime, some Bavarian people even bequeathed their lederhosen to the next generation. Because of their role as a workman’s outfit, lederhosen are still popularly associated with virility and brawn.And in the past, German boys used to wear lederhosen until they were about 16. These lederhosen were not decorated with embroidery, but still had the typical attributes of suspenders/braces and a drop-front flap.However, nowadays lederhosen are most often associated with the most festive of Bavarian and German traditions, the Oktoberfest! And this exclusive Toddler Lederhosen Boy Costume is perfect for attending any kind of international festival. Your son will love learning about new cultures while he wears this fun costume that even comes complete with the traditional hat and white stockings! Find him a pair of soft clogs and maybe a toy Das Boot, and he’ll look like he just came straight from the Oide Wisen! Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit (a toast to cheer and good times!)

Who could resist those darling overalls? This Toddler Lederhosen Boy Costume is an adorable international themed costume for little kids.

SAS ID: 38286

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