Toddler Charlie the Corduroy Horse Costume


Toddler Charlie the Corduroy Horse Costume

Won’t You Be My Neighhhh-bor?So you recently moved to a brand new town just in time for Halloween? And you are looking to get out there and make some new connections? Well, get ready! Because we know a secret to instant popularity and goodwill. Are you listening? Good! All you need to do is put your little one in this Charlie the Corduroy Horse Costume for Toddlers and you may find your house laden with welcome gifts, drop-ins from neighbors, and big shouts of “Welcome!” as you make your trick-or-treating rounds.That’s because this little costume is so darn cute! It shows everyone just what kind of family you are—one that’s up for classic fun and games, and with an eye for style. Pick up on a farm theme for the whole family, or let your little stallion gallop solo from house to house as you acquaint yourself with your new stomping ground this holiday!Product DetailsGet ready—we warned you this outfit is darling! It’s a little tan pony costume cut of corduroy, for an old-school, retro-inspired feel. There is a lighter belly patch and accents on the snout and ears. A dark, yarn mane and tail make a simply precious keepsake out of your little doll. The best part is, this tunic zips up for an easy wardrobe change come Halloween (or anytime your child feels like getting out, enjoying a bit of fresh air, and just horsing around)! Pair with some sneakers and leggings, or a long-sleeved layer underneath to keep off the chill. Giddyup and Go!Why stop at Halloween? Your child loves to dress up as this little corduroy horse, so feel free to make your rounds around your new town any time. The effect will be just as impactful on a Monday morning as it will on All Hallows Eve, and your colt can kick about feeling lively!

This Charlie the Corduroy horse costume is perfect for your toddler this Halloween and features a one piece horse costume with attached hood.

SAS ID: 38286

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