Tipsy Elves Women’s Comfy Unicorn Dress


Tipsy Elves Women’s Comfy Unicorn Dress

Magic Meadow ReadyWhen you compare the fairy tale books of your youth to the reality of our age, do you ever feel a little letdown? Real life can be good of course. There’s a lot of good music. Getting together with friends can be fun. And television is getting better than ever. But the percentage of beautiful meadows to parking lots is a bit of a disappointment. It’s hard to find events where it’s acceptable to wear your princess crown and full-length skirt. And don’t even get us started on the lack of wishing wells! It’s time we adults were the change we want to see in the world. Replace the boring grass in your yard with wildflowers. Spend more time twirling in forests and singing with the birds. And most importantly, increase the unicorn population in your very own hometown.Product DetailsIf you want a costume that you can break out whenever any special, magical events are going down, this unicorn hoodie is it! The form-fitting dress zips up the front and has an iridescent panel that’s fairy tale approved. The hood is topped with shiny ears, a soft plush horn, and pretty roses. With a bright pink tail in back, this costume is fun enough to wear on Halloween day and cute enough to be dressed up for a night on the town!Into the MysticIt’s not often that we get the chance to make our world a little more magical. Whenever you break out this colorful costume, you’re sure to spread a few smiles. Pair this costume with one of our many colorful wigs, a bright pair of leggings, and a happy-go-lucky persona and you’ll look like you just got back from gallivanting in purple mountain meadows. Now all you have to do is find a crystal pool to pose next to for the perfect Instagram friendly opportunity!

The Tipsy Elves Women’s Comfy Unicorn Dress will have you feeling magical!

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