Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Toddler Costume


Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Toddler Costume

Back in 1983, Return of the Jedi introduced us to something life-changing—the Ewoks. Those little teddy bear critters were more adorable than anything we had ever seen. Why, they hobbled around with their pudgy little bodies and they were even covered in a coat of cuddly fur. Can you imagine hugging one? That would be like heaven! We thought that no other Star Wars alien could ever make us feel like that ever again… but we were wrong. Now, with 2017’s The Last Jedi come the Porgs and all we have to say is “Ewoks who?”Porgs are the latest in heart-melting creatures from the Star Wars universe and they are so darn cute that we just can’t even stand it. Don’t you just want to have one of your own?Unfortunately, Porgs live far away, on the planet of Ahch-To and our current level of technology prevents any of us mere humans from traveling there to get one. The good news is that this toddler Porg costume is here, so you can transform your child into the cuddly creature from The Last Jedi.The officially licensed costume comes with a bodysuit with a hood that recreates the look of the lovable little Porgs. The hood has large eyes and a bewildered facial expression designed into the top. Soft faux fur covers the back and sleeves, making your child extra huggable! Once your little one is all suited up in this cute outfit, you’ll want nothing more than to head out on intergalactic adventures with him!

Turn your toddler in to the newest, cutest creature of the Star Wars universe with this licensed Star Wars The Last Jedi Porg Toddler Costume.

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