Stapled and Stitched Temporary Tattoo Kit


Stapled and Stitched Temporary Tattoo Kit

Ack! When you said you were thinking of getting a tattoo, we thought you meant, like, a butterfly. Or your astrological sign. Or a yin yang. But this…this is horrifying!Ohhhhhhh. They’re temporary? You mean you didn’t go down to the Impulse Tattoo parlor and plead with Mitch the artist to permanently ink those scars onto your face? Phew! Are we relieved! You were about to become our friend with the WORST judgment (and that’s a tight competition). I guess this Stapled and Stitched Tattoo Kit is pretty believable, if even we were fooled. This single sheet features easy to apply (and remove!) temporary tattoos that depict stitched or stapled flesh wounds. Yuck. But honestly, you wear them well. Almost as well as the “No Regrets” tat you sport on your bicep.

Get that scary post surgery look when you use this Stapled and Stitched Temporary Tattoo Kit! It’s the perfect way to accessorize your scary costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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