Spiderina Witch Purse


Spiderina Witch Purse

If you are a witch, you are powerful beyond belief. From your dungeon, you can whip up spells and potions that can cure the sick, dispel evil, reroute hurricanes, and even reverse your gluten intolerance. That’s powerful magic!But here’s the thing…you are a witch who also has a social life. How to go out on the town without leaving behind your most powerful magical tools? Where to store your eye of newt, on the go? This Spiderina Witch Purse is perfect for carrying party essentials, toting (collapsible) magic wands, or even for collecting trick-or-treat goodies. Get it as a complement to our Spiderina witch costume, and finish with buckled witch shoes. Or just take it to your next potluck in case anyone needs a last minute potion. Admit it, you’re a little jealous that even you couldn’t come up with this magical bag!

This Spiderina Witch Purse is a cute handbag to accompany any of our witch costumes, whether scary or whimsical!

SAS ID: 38286

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