Sky High Hottie Women’s Costume


Sky High Hottie Women’s Costume

Have you always wanted to see the world? Ever wished you could land in Shanghai and try their cuisine for one night and take off for another location the next morning? Most people aren’t able to pull that off unless they’ve got an impressive amount of lettuce in their bank account. Even if you aren’t a Rockefeller, you don’t have to stow away to travel. Stewardesses or flight attendants have been there since the first commercial flight, keeping people happy and safely in their seats during the flights and seeing what the world has to offer once the plane has landed.Flight attendants may be sunny and nice, but they’re the boss once the airplane is in the sky. When you’re a flight attendant what you say goes. If you tell someone to turn off their phone and stop playing “Words With Friends” it doesn’t matter if that person is a famous movie star, they’d better obey or you’ll tell the pilot to land the plane in Cincinnati! And no one wants to be stuck in Cincinnati. With this sexy ensemble, no one would dream of ignoring your requests. The seat belts will be fastened as soon as the light clicks on. When you show up in your full skirt and official cap, people might actually even watch and listen to your safety speech!In this royal blue and gold uniform, you’ll be flying high in no time. Not one passenger on your flight will complain about turbulence when you’re on board. You might even get some compliments on the in-flight food, that’ll be a first. If you think you’re not qualified to be a flight attendant, we wouldn’t worry. It’s all in the uniform, once you’ve got that covered, you can wing it.

Slip into this Women’s Sky High Hottie Costume and take your costume wearing to new heights. This costume dress features a sexy take on a traditional flight attendant costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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