Sexy One Glove Pop Star Costume


Sexy One Glove Pop Star Costume

There are a lot of icons who are famous for wearing a signature piece of apparel – a sequined jumpsuit, perhaps, or a very big park ranger hat, or matching space age motorcycle helmets. Others are famous for always wearing the same color – purple comes to mind. And still others are known for wearing things that one might not generally think of as clothing – a dress shaped like a swan, for instance, or one made from a variety of meats. And there are a whole lot of folks well-known for wearing as little as possible whenever possible.But there just are not very many stars famous for something they don’t wear. Take, for example, a single glove. It’s such a simple thing, possibly the easiest article of clothing to lose track of. Who among us hasn’t left the house with a matching pair and come home with one lonely glove? But put it in the right context, like on a stage in front of an audience of millions, and suddenly wearing one glove takes on a whole new meaning. It’s a bold, weird choice perfectly suited to an artist who believes in setting trends and never apologizing for being bold and weird.Embrace your pop enigma side with this unforgettable pop combo. The poly-spandex dress features faux gold button accents and a zipper closure in the front, with accessories including a pair of silver knee-high stockings and the all-important glove, glittering with sequins on a see-through fabric. There are some instances where one is far from the loneliest number, and when you’re a true icon you know when to fly solo.

You can’t expect to pop it like the King of Pop without the right look. Get into the groove with this Sexy One Glove Pop Star Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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