Sequin & Fringe Green Flapper Costume


Sequin & Fringe Green Flapper Costume

What happens when you combine the charisma and total command of the stage that Kermit the Frog possesses and merge it with the intrigue and sultry stamina of the Roaring ‘20s? It sounds like a pretty ridiculous comparison and you might be compelled to suggest that the Muppets are putting together a brand new movie about hopping into a time machine and warping back to the Film Noir age of Chicago, but, there is one other possible interpretation that is well worth craning your neck to hear!It is time to go back to the Roaring ‘20s, to channel the marvelous world of hidden speakeasies and jazz that simply wouldn’t quit. The flash of sequin and drift of feathered boas would draw the minx out of the housewife and turn the quiet businessman into a wild one. Take all that wild creativity and add the emerald wonder and you have a rich look that none of the other gals would have ever even considered!We’ve done the impossible with this Sequin and Fringe Green Flapper costume. This sleeveless pullover tank dress has the perfect slope to the neck and is edge with shining silver sequins. The elongated bodice drops just below the hips where it joins with the dropped-waist skirt, featuring two layers of fringe over a sequin base. Every move you make gives you an emerald flash that screams expensive and beautiful. Complete the look with the silver sequined headband with a tuft of vivid green feathers and you’ve got a look that not even Glinda could compete with!

Get all glam in retro style! This Sequin & Fringe Green Flapper Costume is the perfect vintage, especially if you like green!

SAS ID: 38286

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