Saloon Madame Costume


Saloon Madame Costume

If I had to live my life over, I’d live over a saloon. – W.C. FieldsTo be honest, if we had to live our lives over again, we would totally live over a saloon, too. It would make getting home from the bar so much easier. (And a lot less costly.) The worst part would probably be the staggering walk up wooden stars. And even that can be an adventure—so long as we don’t fall down them.But if we are being completely truthful, we would really like to wear some of the dyn-o-mite dresses that women had back then. We want the slouching shoulder straps, the fringe lined shawl, the lacy shift. A little excess material to drape around our legs, it adds a little more bada-bing when we show them off. And our favorite thing of all…a large poufy hat. (We would wear the hat all the time.)So, for Halloween this year, don’t be a little princess, or a super hero no one is going to remember in a year, or even a sweet little witch. No, show off your adventurous side with this Saloon Madame Costume. This is the side of you that would want to live in the old west. But not just in the Old West, over a saloon in the Old West. Just remember living above a saloon can have it’s hazards, like gun fights downstairs. And trying to walk up those wooden stairs without falling down.

Star in your own show when you wear this Saloon Madame Costume. It’s sure to entertain your favorite cowboy!

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