Roaring 20’s Plus Size Flapper Costume


Roaring 20’s Plus Size Flapper Costume

If you’re back in the swanky days of the 1920’s, would you rather be “the bee’s knees” or “the cat’s pajamas”? It sounds like a silly question, but anybody who’s anybody knows it’s serious business, and if you pick wrong, you could wind up being a real wet blanket. We say, why no be both?? When you’re dolled up in our exclusive Roaring 20’s Plus Size Flapper Costume, you’ll be the “cat’s bee’s pajama knees”!Okay, maybe that was pushing the 20’s slang a bit too far, but it’s an easy mistake to make when you’re in the mood for some throwback lingo and vintage style costumes. And the Roaring 20’s had tons of those! Just one look at some fella in a ritzy suit driving an old Caddy, or a classy flapper doing the Charleston in a lacy, shimmering dress, is enough to make us long for the days of speakeasies, trolley cars, and getting to shout things like “Horsefeathers!” and “Applesauce!” when you get mad. Seriously, it’s a great way to blow off steam, you should try it sometime.But as much as we all love the 20’s lingo, it’s the flashy flappers costumes like this sassy number that keep making us come back for more! We designed it to have a classic flapper vibe, with a deep neckline and a flared out satin skirt that you can really whip around when you dance. Once you put on the cute matching hat and add a pair of heels and some ritzy jewelry, you’ll really be on the trolley, doll!

This fashionable plus size roaring 20’s flapper costume dress is a new take on a traditional style flapper dress. Available in plus sizes 1X-6X.

SAS ID: 38286

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