Realistic Tiger Child’s Costume


Realistic Tiger Child’s Costume

PURR-OCIOUS! Ever notice how the smallest critters tend to act like they’re huge and terrifying while the really big ones seem to just want to snuggle up as though they fit anywhere? Don’t get us wrong, it’s awesome to feel a purring feline in your lap. Little scarier when they’re talented predators, though!Now, when it comes to kids that want to be big and scary for Halloween, well, we’d say that’s just non-stop adorable. So, we’re pretty sure that you can see where we’re going with this. Maybe you’ve got a little one who keeps trying to be a little taller than they are? Maybe they are practicing their big cat growls and giving the stare-down to all the neighborhood kitties? Hmmm. What’cha gonna do to encourage them to keep on with their tough big cat persona?DESIGN & DETAILSThere is one step further that you can take, of course. Help your little tiger feel like the real deal with our exclusive Realistic Tiger costume. This bodysuit is made of soft and comfy minky fabric that is custom printed to look like a tiger’s stripes. A vivid orange base, a fluffy white tummy, and black stripes add up to a ton of fun, especially when your kiddo wears the boot covers, gloves, and the tiger headpiece—complete with round ears and a hook and loop strap for a secure fit.GONNA ROAR!Once your kiddo lets out their inner tiger, they’re going to want to practice their signature growl. There are a lot of options from the typical roar to the sassy rawr or the low-throat grr. The real feline aficionado can get the rolling tongue going for the kind but warning purr-grrr that can take down even the bigger lions! 

Hear him roar in this Child Realistic Tiger Costume! This exclusive costume will keep him warm all night as he prowls for candy!

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