Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper Dress Costume


Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper Dress Costume

Since the ’20s are right around the corner, it might be a good idea to get ahead of the trends now so you’re ready when the Charleston finally makes a comeback. Of course, we can’t guarantee that the 2020s will be anything like the 1920s, but why take a chance on missing out on the resurgence of the Jazz Age, and all that comes along with it… like speakeasies and Gatsby parties? When that happens, won’t it be great to say that you were into the 20s way before anybody else? Of course it will! So get into the spirit now and go out partying with this Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper costume!When it comes to capturing the look and feel of the “flapper” dress, the costume hits every mark. It’s got the tiered fringe skirt, the low waistline, and a scooped neckline with silver sequins. Oh, and speaking of which… if you’re a fan of sequins, you’ll love the headband (which also happens to be a crucial element of the flapper style). It’s covered in sparkling sequins that’ll make you stand out in any crowd. And though this dress makes a stunning, shimmering spectacle, it’s a simple pullover tank style (plus the headband), so you won’t have to spend all night getting ready to go to the speakeasy.So whether you’re headed to that big Gatsby-themed masquerade, a Halloween party, oryou’re preparing for the comeback of the Roaring 20s, the Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper costume is the dress to have!

Do you want to be the cat’s pajamas? There’s no better way than with our Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Fuchsia Flapper costume! Available in sizes 1X through 4X.

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