Plus Size ALF Costume


Plus Size ALF Costume

Channel Your Inner AlienSo, you just can’t get enough of the show ALF, eh? Truth be told, we definitely know what it is like when your love for a TV show evolves. It feels like it becomes like a part of your family, just like how Alf became part of the Tanner family. You’ve watched every episode multiple times (both on DVD with the director’s commentary… and from your personal collection of VHS recordings, because you’re a purist).That’s not all. Every lunchbox, coloring book, action figure, and novelty cereal box ever made is carefully arranged on your shelf. You’ve even written your own fan script, which one day you’ll get around to mailing to the studio and maybe get the show back on the air. You think you’ve done it all. You’ve seen everything that Melmac has to offer. You think you’ve finally learned as much as you can about this beloved family comedy and now you’re ready to take the next step? Design & DetailsHide your cats and suit up in this exclusive ALF Costume to show your love for your favorite alien 80’s TV character! While you’ll be a little bit larger than the real ALF, this high-quality orange fur covered getup is officially licensed, so you’ll be as close to looking like the little wisecracking alien as possible (at least, without actually being from the planet Melmac). It’s a great, nostalgic way to show off your best ALF impression, without having to spend too many Wernicks!No Kitties!Wearing this costume is sure to get the nostalgia running strong. You might find yourself calling out your favorite quotes or at least pulling off the “I wasn’t going to eat the cat” look ALF was so known for. (Don’t worry; you won’t actually find your dietary habits suddenly changing up.) 

This Plus Size ALF Costume might give you the strange urge to attempt eating the family cat, just like in the TV show. Available in 2X/3X.

SAS ID: 38286

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