Plus Size 1920’s Flapper Costume


Plus Size 1920’s Flapper Costume

So you’ve decided to dress as a flapper? Well, congratulations! Dressing up as a 20’s fashionista is the most exciting decade to channel. That golden age was filled with things we still love today. It was the age of the Manhattan, of that brand new jazz sound, and most importantly, the age of fringe. Is there anything as fun as wearing a dress made mostly of fringe? We don’t think so. Well, maybe wearing a dress made of fringe on a yacht, dancing to a full brass band with an illegal mint julep in hand. That’s only more fun if you’re still wearing a fringe dress. This satiny black dress has seven layers of fringe. Seven layers, that’s the perfect amount of layers. There are seven layers in a seven layer dip, there are seven deadly sins, and there are seven layers of fringe dancing with you as you shimmy yourself across the dance floor. With the sequined and feathered headband, you’ll be ready to emerge as the star that you always have been. Just don’t forget your pearls and your long black gloves. Because, darling, gloves are a high society must! Don’t cause a scandal by going to the Gatsby party bare armed. When you slip on your flapper dress you might find you’ll be tempted to expressions like “the bee’s knees” and maybe even “jeepers creepers!”. We suggest you simply go with it. The life of a flapper is a real hoot, so if the flapper attitude leaks into your everyday life, it can only be a good thing.

This Plus Size 1920’s Flapper Costume in the classic style is just what you need to feel beautiful this Halloween! Available in 1X through 7X.

SAS ID: 38286

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