Paw Patrol Rubble Comfy Critters Blanket Costume


Paw Patrol Rubble Comfy Critters Blanket Costume

A long day of school or play might mean that your child is just looking for some evening relaxation at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. And it certainly doesn’t mean that the costume fun has to stop, either!When they’re ready to snuggle up on the couch and watch their favorite show, you know to turn on Paw Patrol. And when they’re looking for the perfect blanket, maybe you can add a little costume fun to hanging out by getting them this Rubble Comfy Critter blanket. It’s got plush details, it’s sized just right for kids, and with super soft microfiber polyester fleece, it’s ready for TV time!This Paw Patrol Comfy Critter blanket is sure to have any kiddo cozyed up in true Paw Patrol style. Featuring a plush hood that depicts the face of bulldozing pup Rubble, any boy or girl can wear it for a little extra fun. And when it’s time to do something else, they can roll it up into a fun plush critter to hang out with! From Comfy Critters, this accessory is Nickelodeon officially licensed, and it’s ready for any little fan.

Get this Paw Patrol Rubble Comfy Critters Costume Blanket for a quick and warm costume idea for Halloween this year.

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