Lion Queen Women’s Costume


Lion Queen Women’s Costume

What kind of ruler will you be? Well, have you had any time to think about it? The coronation ceremony is about to take place and pretty soon the beautiful crown will be sitting pretty on your head while all the kingdom’s problems will sit firmly on your shoulders. Being a member of nobility isn’t all about nobbling on lemon cakes and wearing fancy dresses, as you probably know. In the days to come, you’ll have to make some difficult decisions which will reveal your true nature, and as a result, you’ll be judged. It’s inevitable, our Queen, so we beg you: think about how your choices will affect everyone around you as well as yourself. The first order of business: you’ll need to decide the fate of a thief. Will you tell the Hand of the Queen to lob off his fingers or will you show him mercy? Choose wisely.      The tough choices continue with wardrobe selection. Luckily, this judgment isn’t as difficult as determining whether you should sever a poor man’s fingers, especially if this garment is hanging in your wardrobe. This Lion Queen gown will give you the traditional look of a revered monarch. The floor-length crimson gown has a soft velvety texture with long golden bell sleeves, which add a touch of regal flair. Now sit on your throne like the queen that you are and we’re sure that you’ll serve your kingdom well!              

Wear this exclusive Lion Queen Women’s Costume on your race to the throne. It features a crimson embellished velvet dress with gold accents.

SAS ID: 38286

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