Lil Bear Costume


Lil Bear Costume

A little-known, super awesome fact about bears: they’re magic.These magical beasts roam up and down trails and trees in the wilderness just waiting to show off their rainbow-making powers. Some misguided “scientists” say that these wonders of the color spectrum come from light hitting and reflecting off of water in just the right way—but that’s wrong. There’s just no way that could be because it’s so clear already that bears make rainbows.So the next time you see these rays of light beaming up into the sky and back down again to earth, remember to thank any nearby grizzlies! Pro-tip: they especially appreciate picnic baskets full of honey, molasses, and other assorted sweet treats! Don’t mistake your little cub for one, though you’d be forgiven since this brown plush jumpsuit with a light-colored tummy and bear paws looks so convincing. It even comes with one of those rainbows we talked about—in blanket form, of course!

Dress your little one in our Lil Bear Costume this Halloween for a cute toddler costume. Get this adorable infant costume for Halloween or other events.

SAS ID: 38286

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