Kid’s Deluxe Gangster Suit Costume


Kid’s Deluxe Gangster Suit Costume

The Mob BossParents, you know that the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up” can have some rather surprising answers at times. Among our favorites are ‘dinosaur,’ ‘president of Atlantis,’ and ‘mommy,’ especially from our sons. But, after watching a few spectacular noir films, we were surprised to start getting a few unexpected answers about lesser known occupations from the roaring 20s. We’re all looking to leave our mark and earn that fame after all!When stepping into the role of a completely new identity, there are a lot of important details on that checklist. You might be the spy using the old French maid disguise to aid in sneaking into the wealthy villain estate to place a few bugs along the mantle. Maybe you’re the dancer of the Roaring 20s putting on the show of your life to secure a future of lavish delights or perhaps it is time for a new gangster to take over the streets and rule the mob with style!So, if your tyke is planning on being the new age Don of their own mob, might as well channel the flash of the ones of old. The first step is getting your kiddo into this deluxe gangster suit. Then he’ll be ready to be a big-time mob boss!Design and DetailsThis stylish roaring 20s costume comes with a top and pants styled as a suit. The faux double-breasted jacket has plastic buttons and is decidedly debonair. The matching pants fit easily with an elastic band. The items we have it pictured with are sold separately, so accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and the plastic Tommy gun to have him outfitted as a supremely stylish mobster. This costume is made and designed by us, so get it for your kiddo when he’s ready for a crime spree!Gangster, Mobsters, and moreNaturally, as the top costume spot, we’ve got styles for every theme. But when it comes to the roaring 20s? Well, we’re particularly all about it! Check out all of our gangster and flapper costumes for a terrific group or family theme. Just make sure all the Tommy guns are plastic, please!

He’s keeping it gangsta. This Kid’s Deluxe Gangster Suit is a classic mobster costume for kids.

SAS ID: 38286

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