Infant Wolf Costume


Infant Wolf Costume

When you brought your baby home you were shocked at how loud someone so small could howl. Between sleeping and eating your little one seemed to have something wild deep down inside them, whining to get free. Since then they’ve calmed down a little but you’ve also learned some tricks that help calm their feral nature.It’s strange but they seem to be drawn to the full moon. At only a month old your kiddo seemed to be aware when the moon was filling out. By now you know to bring them out to witness the moon at its largest or no one will get any sleep. All it takes is a trip out side and a few howls in the moonlight before your infant falls fast asleep. You’ve also noticed that your child is pretty happy when a nature documentary is playing on TV. Your baby’s attention is grabbed when it comes to those predator prey chase scenes but once the camera pans to a peaceful scene with some birds preening themselves, your kid usually nods off. Of course, you could try and deny or suppress your little one’s wolfish nature or you could simply embrace it. This costume is sure to make your little pup more comfortable in their own skin.This costume doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween, though it would be pretty adorable paired with a Red Riding hood costume. You can put this on your baby during family gatherings to gain family acceptance of your little one’s inner canine. You see, if you simply learn to embrace the wolf within, you’ll find it’s howl is worse than it’s bite, at least until your kiddo gets their first teeth.

Let your little one’s inner wolf free when you dress your little baby in this adorable costume.

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