Girls Descendants 2 Mal Deluxe Costume


Girls Descendants 2 Mal Deluxe Costume

If your daughter ever tends to complain about her life at home, turn her attention to the life of that ever fabulous high schooler of the Isle of the Lost, Mal. She might be popular but she has one of the most difficult mother’s anyone would be able to think of: the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent! Talk about a difficult to please role model, impressive bad behavior is kind of a requirement. Mal has plenty of power, she’s pretty good at casting spells when she needs to. While she’s charmed her way off the Isle of the Lost she still feels pressure from her mother, the mistress of evil from afar. Other than protecting her high school from a flood of escaped villains this sly girl mostly uses her powers to give awesome makeovers to her friends and classmates that are willing to pay for the outlandish colors she can provide. If you’re asking us she’s giving them a deal asking 50 bucks for a damage free dye job. We get why your daughter wants to dress like this Isle of the Lost castaway. She’s got a pretty eye-catching style, wearing a purple and green jacket with gold metal studs and zipper detail. Her T-shirt hints at her evil heritage with a murky pattern and a dragon heart. Her pants have the same gold zipper detail and are edgy with different shades of fabric. Top it all off with that Isle of the Lost fingerless glove and your girl is good to go. Now, if only she could decide to work for good or evil!

You child will rule Auradon Prep as Mal from Descendants 2 in this deluxe girls costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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