Girl’s Cheshire Cat Cozy Costume


Girl’s Cheshire Cat Cozy Costume

When you’re the proud owner of a great grin, people love to see you flash your pearly whites. But if the rest of you suddenly fades out of sight, people really get thrown for a loop!That’s just one of the reasons we think it would be so much fun to step into the pink and purple fur of the most mischievous feline in Lewis Carroll’s fantastic novels. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that going invisible from the neck down can save you from one of the Queen of Hearts’ famous beheadings. And we’d love to spend an afternoon hiding in front of her portraits and sculptures, putting our own smiley spin on her private collection of art!Sure, it might be neat to dress up like Alice, too—but she’s not exactly known for her awe-inspiring fashion sense. And it’s not every day that you get to dress up like a magical creature from Wonderland! So we whole-hattered-ly recommend this whimsical kitty suit if you want to give everyone a glimpse Through the Looking-Glass. Plus, your friends or family might enjoy dressing up as some of the other zany characters from these remarkable books!This convenient outfit features a one-piece zip-up design that makes transforming into your favorite disappearing kitty a lot less complicated than it might appear! And it still comes with all the features you’d expect, including an attached plush tail and a hood with stuffed ears stitched to the top. Plus, invisible or not, it’s designed to keep you nice and cozy!

This Girl’s Cheshire Cat Cozy Costume is a unique animal costume based on the whimsical storybook character.

SAS ID: 38286

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