Flirty Cop Women’s Costume


Flirty Cop Women’s Costume

Do you feel frustrated every time you see someone turn without using their “oh so easy” to use blinkers? Are you silently filled with fury whenever you see someone throw trash onto the ground about a foot away from the public trashcan? Maybe you start grinding your teeth whenever you see someone blowing smoke about five feet away from a “no smoking twenty feet from the building”.  The frustrating thing is, you don’t have any power to control what people do. You can’t make someone pick up that burrito wrapper even if you were a cop. But hey, you could make them pay for it! And wouldn’t that be nice? While you might not get the authority to make people pay for all the chaos they’re creating in this wild world of ours you might find that people are just a little more well behaved when you’re rocking this cute dress. This navy-blue dress has a buttoned-down look with a shield on the chest and is tied in the middle with a sash. It also has a badge on the sleeve so people know not to mess even when they see you from the side. You’ll get a sassy hat as well, so you can tip your hat at those blinker-using drivers to let them know they’re good to go.  So, maybe you won’t solve all of the world’s chaos in one night but you’ll feel more powerful than your typical day to day as soon as you button up your new uniform. Just make sure to refrain from jaywalking. You don’t want to be a dirty cop, do you? 

Take charge with your street smarts and your good looks when you wear this exclusive Flirty Cop Women’s Costume. This costume features a navy blue cop dress with badge and hat.

SAS ID: 38286

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