Flirty Cop Plus Size Women’s Costume


Flirty Cop Plus Size Women’s Costume

Ready to be on Duty?Well, it’s time to do your best police officer imitation this Halloween. We can’t send you a peace officer certificate to have you out on duty to serve and protect while patrolling the neighborhood, but we can get you nudged in the right direction by sending you a super sweet cop costume. Like this women’s Flirty Cop Costume!Styled as a dress that’s influenced by traditional police officer uniforms, this ensemble also comes with accessories for the full ensemble. There’s just no saying what you’re going to encounter when you turn on your sirens and speed towards the scene, but we suggest being prepared for fun! You are going to a party, after all, aren’t you?We made and designed this unique costume style right here at, so you’re only going to for sale here. Go on, give it a try, see what’s it’s like wearing a badge. You never know, you might just find yourself googling police academies come November 1st…Design and DetailsThis plus size costume includes matching hat, belt, and 2 metal Police badges. The 100 percent polyester dress comes in a deep navy blue, and secures with a full button front. The belt ties around the waist as desired for extra effect. Functional pockets make this a cool costume for the party, and the appliqued patches on the sleeves make add an extra touch of realism. The traditional police style cap has a faux leather bill, and you can secure one pin-backed badge on the hat and use the other one on the uniform dress!Made by us!We made and designed this costume right here in our studios. And we pay attention to the details that matter! We studied cop costumes from across the United States to come up with this unique women’s design, and it’s been crafted to evoke classic police uniforms as we’ve seen them portrayed in film and on television. We also paid attention to the price, which means with this costume you’re going to be scoring a deal. The quality and craftsmanship will exceed anything a competitor offers at the same price!

There is more than one way to get a perp to talk. So, put on this exclusive Flirty Cop Plus Size Women’s Costume and charm your perp in to a confession. Available in 1X and 2X.

SAS ID: 38286

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