Extra Long White Satin Gloves


Extra Long White Satin Gloves

Are you headed to a ball later this week? A big fancy gala? A black-tie event? It can be nerve wracking to go to something like that. All those women in fancy dresses, and glittering jewelry. Their pinky fingers raised as they drink champagne from crystal glasses. You have the dress, and you’ve been practicing your finger lift, but you are still missing something.You don’t need fancy jewelry, just something to set you apart from all the other women at the ball. Something like these Extra Long White Satin Gloves. You won’t need to wear a diamond tennis bracelet when you have these long gloves covering your hands. Enjoy a dance with a gentleman without having to worry if your hands are too sweaty, as they help show off your dress!

Take your formal look to the next level with a pair of extra long white satin gloves for women.

SAS ID: 38286

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