Deluxe Red Riding Hood Child’s Costume


Deluxe Red Riding Hood Child’s Costume

Fearless in the forestLittle Red Riding Hood has been through a lot for someone that’s all about family. It’s not like she was going out looking for trouble. She was just heading out on the trail to bring her grandma a gift basket. That’s some top-notch behavior! Now, her journey might have had some hurdles along the way. That wolf was a real trouble maker. But Little Red Riding Hood shouldn’t have to stay out of the forest just because of one bad actor. Maybe now she’ll know to call out wolves on their mischief. No way you’re going to pull the wool over Red’s eyes. She’s been through it all before, after all!Details & DesignThis Made by Us Red Riding Hood costume is lovely and high-quality all at once. The dress has wide straps and off-the-shoulder sleeves that are made of eyelet fabric. The bodice has a matching center panel with ribbons across the panel for a classic dirndl look. A red skirt flares from the waist and is trimmed with a white eyelet ruffle. The waist is tied with a ruffled apron for a timeless look. The Red Riding Hood costume is topped off with a beautiful hooded cape to make her look like she stepped out of the classic fairytale.Storybook ScarletAre you ready to see a fairytale come to life in your own home? This costume is high-quality, ready for all the playdates and skits that your kiddo can dream up. Pair it with a gingham basket to make it look like your child is on her way to Grandma’s house. You can even have a sibling dress up as the bad guy when you order a Made by Us wolf costume. Just have them pose in front of the forest and you’ll have photos to treasure for years to come!

Stroll the forest and have no worries about that big bad wolf! When she wears this exclusive Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume she will be fearless!

SAS ID: 38286

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