Deluxe Long Hoop Skirt


Deluxe Long Hoop Skirt

Sometime in the seventeen hundreds, skirts started getting out of hand. The diameter started growing and growing. It wasn’t long before architects started widening doorways and staircases to make way for the fashionable ladies of the era. If you were really dressed to kill traveling by carriage was a solo affair. All the carriages could hold was you and your silken skirts. After enough ladies got blown off cliffs and stuck between buildings they decided to tone it down a little bit. A couple styles came after that. There was the bustle and sky-high wigs but we’ll never forget the hoop. This hoop skirt is a little more subtle so it with go for quite a few ladylike looks. You’ll feel like quite the lady just don’t forget your skirts! It fits great underneath a women’s Renaissance, Victorian, and Edwardian costumes! So, leave the corset behind, adjust your skirts, and take a bow, no, a curtsey! 

This Deluxe Long Hoop Skirt is perfect for any time that you need to have a skirt with your costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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