Dapper Tweedle Dee/Dum Men’s Plus Size Costume


Dapper Tweedle Dee/Dum Men’s Plus Size Costume

THAT PERFECT FIRST IMPRESSIONMeeting new people can be a source of some serious strife for many folks.  Perhaps a bit of anxiety in saying Hello to someone knew or maybe it is the fear that they’re going to judge you.  Maybe they are some kind of maniac and you’re going to regret finding yourself in the conversation all together!  There’s just too much going on for any sane person to feel totally comfortable sticking out a hand and asking, “How d’you do!?”That’s where it is strangely safe to take some lessons from a couple Wonderland-dwelling brothers.  Usually, we’d run from that scenario, too, since Wonderland certainly has the common connotation of being too whacky for anyone’s good.  But, that’s where the unsane folks kind of win the day.  The Tweedles, for all their in-fighting antics, have a great way to introduce themselves and make some lasting friends.  In fact, they’ve even upgraded their look!DESIGN & DETAILSWe were as surprised as anyone to find the Tweedles looking less Dum and far more debonair!  So much so that our designers took the first looking glass they could to get a gander and start at the drawing board.  They’ve come up with this exclusive refined design for a Dapper Tweedle look for you!  The four-piece costume includes a bright yellow shirt with a blue bow tie, a pair of red slacks and matching suspenders, and top the look off with a flag posted in the red cap!  You’ll have Wonderland in a tizzy with your new-yet-classic look! PRACTICALLY A SUIT COATWhen you’re from Wonderland, the idea of a three-piece suit is a little insane.  The real winners of the professional look are the new Tweedles in their exclusive high-class look.  Enjoy being the guest of honor at the Mad Tea Party when you’re looking this exclusive and, who knows, we might see our first King of Hearts before long! 

Be transformed in to a classic nursery rhyme character when you put on this exclusive Dapper Tweedle Dee/Dum Men’s Plus Size Costume. Available in 2X.

SAS ID: 38286

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