Coming to America Wedding Dress Costume


Coming to America Wedding Dress Costume

Here Comes the BrideIt can be hard to choose the perfect dress. A wedding is pretty stressful, but the trickiest part is finding the perfect dress. It shouldn’t be that hard. All you want is something beautiful, and fun. If only you knew what that looked like. Is it a slim, retro number? Or, maybe it is an elegant lacy one with a fancy veil? No. No. No. You need something that’s as bright and beautiful as you are. Let’s look at some classic films for some ideas.There’s dress Ally wears in The Notebook. That one is all lace and buttons. It wasn’t from Marie Antoinette. Those hip poofs would force you to go through doorways sideways. And no, it wasn’t the modern kind that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City movie. It was something a little different.Design & DetailsWhat you’re looking for is the gorgeous dress from Coming to America. This licensed dress is straight off the screen with its light pink color and pink jewels. Okay, so maybe it isn’t a real wedding dress, but it is a high-quality Made by Us costume that you’ll want to wear again and again (which is more than can be said of a wedding dress). Plus, this one comes with a crown. The ruffles, sparkles, and long veil make this look the kind of dress a queen-to-be would wear. Zamunda is in for a real treat!Happily Ever After Dressing up as a princess has always been a delight. Coming to America is a modern fairytale that shows all princesses don’t spend their free time singing to birds or twirling in meadows. Some of them know the value of hard work. If that’s not some serious happily ever after fuel, we don’t know what is!

This Coming to America Wedding Dress is officially licensed from the 1988 film!

SAS ID: 38286

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