Child Cozy Sloth Costume


Child Cozy Sloth Costume

THE LIFE OF A SLOTHThese days, everyone is in a rush. In the morning, we rush to school so we don’t get detention and while we’re at school, we rush to class so we don’t get detention. (Really, the school day is all about avoiding detention.) After the 3 PM bell rings, it’s time to hurry off to our extracurricular activities then it’s a race to get homework done before waking up the next day to do it all over again. Boy, being a kid these days isn’t all fun and games anymore, which made us think, ‘in the modern world, who has it the easiest?’ Sloths. Sloths definitely have it pretty darn easy.Sloths don’t have to go to school. Sloths don’t have to do homework or extracurricular activities, or anything at all. These animals are extremely lazy and we love them for it. They barely move all day, they just cling to tree branches, resting and relaxing, falling in and out of sleep. Um, sign us up! If sloth life sounds like the life that’s right for you, take a break from being a stressed kid and be a sloth for a bit. You won’t regret it, we promise! PRODUCT DETAILS The child cozy sloth costume is so comfy and cozy, it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon couch takeover. It’s a Made by Us design, so it’s created from high-quality materials and made to last. The furry jumpsuit fastens with a front zipper while the attached paw mitts and matching shoe covers complete the look. Finally, the oversized headpiece is made to look like a cartoon sloth with mesh fabric over the eyes so kids can sort of see their surroundings.SLOW DOWN! Are you up for the sloth challenge? Wear the Made by Us design and see if you can move in slow-mo. (It’s harder than it sounds!) 

Give your kid a reason to lay around watching television all day with the Child Cozy Sloth Costume. As if you needed a reason to be lazy like a sloth!

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