Child Clown Costume


Child Clown Costume

Could your kid be called the class clown? Are they always striving to go that extra mile to make people laugh? Sure, sometimes it can get them in a little trouble. Like that one time when they did a presentation on the history of silly walks for their social studies class. You honestly thought it was well written and executed but you can see how can-caning around the classroom on presentation day might rile up the other students. There’s no way you want to stifle you kiddos silly side. For someone who has been interested in whoopie cushions and rubber chickens since infancy, there is one costume direction to head that’s more obvious than the others. Clowning, while super silly, is a surprisingly disciplined past time. It takes hours of practice to twist up the perfect balloon animal, much more to conquer the elusive balloon hat. Just imagine what it takes to master piling into a tiny car with a troupe of clowns, you can’t only rely on natural silliness, that’s for sure. So, maybe your kiddo wants to take part in an upcoming parade, maybe they want to entertain at your neighborhood nursing home or maybe they want casually clown around for Halloween, whatever their plans are they’ll feel like an official clown college graduate in this ensemble. It’s easy to get up to some goofy antics when you look as festive as this clown. It’s hard to say if a red and blue tartan has ever been paired with the citrus colors before, but in our opinion, it’s working. All your little jokester has to do now is paint their face, choose their wig style, and decide on their clown name. Just to let you know, they can’t have the name Skippy the Nut, we’ve been saving that one for our tightrope act where we make PB and J’s from ten feet over our warehouse and throw them down to the waiting crowd.

This goofy ensemble is perfect for that juggling act or for a legitimate way to cause some mischief.

SAS ID: 38286

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