Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Women’s Costume


Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Women’s Costume

Share the LoveYour middle name may as well be “generosity.” Ever since you were a wee little thing, you’ve enjoyed watching people’s faces light up when you gift them special items—handwritten cards, fresh-baked muffins, your beloved concert tee, half of your dessert at dinner. Sharing is just in your nature! So when Halloween rolls around, everyone basically has two choices: they can opt for a costume that shows off their true self, or they can become someone else entirely! And sure, it can be fun to go all alter-ego on All Hallows Eve, but we think we have something more up your alley. This Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Costume is everything you want; it’s cozy, sweet, nostalgic, and it shows off your big, generous heart. Your pals—often the recipients of your many kindnesses—will get a kick out of this cute costume and may even join you as other members of the Care Bear crew! Fun!Design & DetailsYou grew up with the Care Bears, and always dreamed of living in Care-a-Lot. Well, here’s your chance! Slip on this costume and then share it with the world. This look is comprised of a fleecy purple pullover hoodie with a zippered yoke and coordinated leggings. The hoodie has cute bear ears and a little bear tail, as well as paw details and Share Bear’s signature belly badge of two crossed lollipops.  The leggings mirror that lollipop print on their shiny white base. This officially-licensed look makes you appear like the happy, helpful little Care Bear you’ve always been, and will keep you cozy all Halloween long!Treat Yo’selfA gal who gives as much as you do deserves to get something back from time to time! This costume is the perfect way to treat yourself to something special this Halloween. After all, you’ll likely give away all your candy to friends and family who really want it! It’s what you do. 

Get in to the sharing spirit when you wear this exclusive Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Women’s Costume. It features a hoodie styled after Share Bear with matching leggings.

SAS ID: 38286

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