Battle Viking Adult Helmet


Battle Viking Adult Helmet

As warriors go, the Vikings were some of the toughest. Us modern weaklings would never have been able to withstand what those tough Vikings did. Maybe it was all that cold sea air, maybe it was that the Viking warriors began training as soon as they could shake a stick menacingly. Both men and women were pushed to remain tough in the face of pain and suffering and courageous in the face of danger. They had to be sure they could trust their fellow Vikings to stand with them in the shield wall, whatever might happen. Now, if you were a Dane you’d have to prove your worth in battle if you wanted a helmet this nice. With gold accents, there’d be no doubt that you were a great warrior as soon as you wandered into the mead hall. Whether your helmet would inspire respect or make others want to challenge you would depend on the mead hall. One thing is for sure, whether you wear this L.A.R.Ping or dressing up for Halloween you’re sure to impress all of us modern softies and you don’t have to join a shield wall to prove your worth.

Don’t go in to battle without the proper armor! Get this exclusive Battle Viking Adult Helmet and make your viking costume battle ready.

SAS ID: 38286

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