Alien Pajama Costume


Alien Pajama Costume

TOY STORY 3 SPOILERS AHEAD! Okay, so who all cried during Toy Story 3? We did a quick poll in the office, and we couldn’t find a single person who didn’t, except the guy who was absent today. We asked the beta fish residing on his desk, and we’re pretty sure it gave us a nod. Man, when all the toys were falling in the trash to the incinerator, and they’d all come to terms with their fate… pure waterworks. But then, the aliens in a great Deus Ex Machina moment came with the giant crane claw and saved the day! Who knew those aliens had it in ’em to control a high tech piece of machinery like that? But, if there’s any claw experts in the toy world, it’s certainly them. With our alien pajama costume, you might have some weird dreams about Pizza Planet, Buzz Lightyear, and claw machines, but we guarantee you’ll be comfy! If you really love it, be sure to write your name on the bottom of the foot.

You’ll be dreaming of the CLAW when you go in this Toy Story Alien Pajama Costume! It’s licensed by Disney and looks just like the beloved crane game character.

SAS ID: 38286

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