Adult Women’s Brazen Buccaneer Costume


Adult Women’s Brazen Buccaneer Costume

Women who harbor the spirit of adventure just can’t stand being locked up in an office, tapping away at some keyboard. No! This kind of woman desires epic fencing battles aboard a ship on the high seas, with the wind rippling through their hair. This kind of woman desires extravagant treasures won through cunning and daring. This kind of woman desires a crew of her own, who will follow her every command, even down to the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker! This kind of woman… desires an awesome costume that will blow the crowd away at the next costume party that she’s attending!This Adult Brazen Buccaneer Costume comes with the bold pirate girl style that will sate your thirst for high adventure! With a sexy, yet valiant look, the top features a bodice that hints at a life of swordplay on the seas, so you’d better brush up on your fencing skills. (Remember, perfect technique is all in the wrist!) Paired up with a set of sexy pirate boots and a trusty cutlass at your side, there’s no gold doubloon that will be safe from your hands. Just make sure you assemble a crew of the rowdiest swashbuckling women you can find before tackling the high seas in this pirate outfit!

This Adult Women’s Brazen Buccaneer Costume featuring a peasant top with corset style bodice.

SAS ID: 38286

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