Adult Beetlejuice Costume


Adult Beetlejuice Costume

You know what would be awesome? A Ghostbusters/Beetlejuice mashup movie! If anyone needed to be eradicated by the famous ghost-fighting squad, it’s Beetlejuice. With his charming ways and slightly immoral motives, he makes for the worst kind of apparition. He was always in the business of preying on the living and the dead, no matter how nice or helpful they were to him. No wonder why it was so difficult to conjure him (how many times do you have to say his name again?).Fathers, you’ll want to lock up your Gothic daughters! The ghost with the most here might stage a haunting that puts the lives of all your business associates in danger just to have a chance at marriage with her. Do you really want a guy like that as part of the family? Probably not. Though he’s a conniving ghost (or demon, or whatever he is), you have to admit, he’s always the life of the party and has wit to spare.You can become the classic ghost this Halloween with our officially licensed Beetlejuice costume. This 100% polyester fabric costume is perfect for all night wear. The jacket fastens with Velcro at the front and the included white dickey has an attached black foam tie. The dickey tucks into the included elastic waist pants and fastens with Velcro at the neck with fabric ties at the waist. Finish off your look by adding the Beetlejuice wig and makeup kit – you’ll be sure to terrify and offend even the friendliest of ghost allies this Halloween – but that’s what you were going for, right?

Does busting onto the scene as a repulsive ghost sound like a blast? The Beetlejuice costume makes doing that a breeze for anyone who’s still living.

SAS ID: 38286

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