5th Element Leeloo Thermal Bandages Costume


5th Element Leeloo Thermal Bandages Costume

When you’re a supreme being of the universe, you really can’t just walk around without clothes on. The authorities don’t like it, even if you ARE there to save the world from the evil spoken of by the Mondoshawans.While other universes and beings may not have any objections to public nudity, we here in the States (even in the future) have some laws against it. Not that Korben Dallas minded all that much, but it’s probably best to slip into something with a little more coverage. Even if we do mean a “little.” After all, a little bit of coverage is better than no coverage, especially when you are on the run from the law and the lawless!This officially licensed 5th Element Leeloo Thermal Bandages Costume solves that problem. It comes licensed from the classic sci-fi movie, it won’t hinder your movement during fierce combat and as an added bonus, Korben Dallas thinks it’s cute. The polyester and spandex costume has hook closures in the back for the top pieces and an elastic waistband in the bottom half for a comfortable fit all night long. You may feel as though you are wearing next to nothing this Halloween, but what you will be wearing is comfortable and cute. Top it all off with the included synthetic wig styled and colored just like Leeloo from the 5th Element movie. Now, get dressed and ready for your trip on a luxury intergalactic cruise! It will be a vacation to remember, that’s for sure!

Become the unforgettable character from the classic film with our officialyl licensed 5th Element Leeloo Thermal Bandages Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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