2 Piece Giraffe Kit


2 Piece Giraffe Kit

NOT A PAIN IN THE NECKThis adult giraffe and tail set isn’t a pain in the neck, but do you know what is? Trying to find a flattering women’s giraffe costume! We’ve searched high and low but we couldn’t find one that’s practical, comfortable and complimentary. Thankfully, we found the giraffe and tail accessory set, making all our giraffe-dreams come true. Now finagling our way into an awkward 3-person giraffe costume or wiggling into a too-tight jumpsuit is no longer a requirement when transforming into one of these majestic jungle creatures. Whoever thought a mind-blowing full-body metamorphosis would be possible because of 2 accessories? Even we didn’t think it was possible until the giraffe set came across our desks!        PRODUCT DETAILS The adult giraffe and tail set comes with a headband and a matching tail made from a soft, faux-giraffe-printed fabric. The comfortable, plastic headband has a pair of attached ears and ossicles. (‘Ossicles’ are the alien-antennae-like appendages that giraffes have on the top of their heads.) The stuffed tail fastens to clothing with a convenient metal clip, so it won’t fall off while you’re busy with your giraffe activitiesGIRAFFING ME CRAZYPick up yellow and brown makeup and paint your face to match the kit!  

If you need a quick and cute costume this Halloween, then this Giraffe Ears and Tail set is the perfect choice for you!

SAS ID: 38286

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