Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume


Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

Do you believe in fairies?As children we find out that certain things aren’t real. Santa Clause does not come down your chimney. There is no such thing as Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Not even the Man in the Moon is real, he is just some trick of light, and shadows.We will believe people when they say that mythological figures don’t exist. We will believe that there is no such thing as a politician who only speaks the truth. But we will not accept that fairies aren’t real. They do exist. They exist because we believe in them. We said the words “I do believe in fairies,” and poof. Fairies are real, and they are beautiful.There will always be nonbelievers however. All you’ll have to do is whisper “I do believe in fairies,” as you put on this Women’s Tinkerbell Fairy Costume. And you’ll have everyone at your costume party believing in fairies. Who knows maybe some of the other things we were told don’t exist, are real. Maybe if we say we believe in Nessie she will come out of Loch Ness to show herself off. Don’t be afraid to show off your flying skills. We do believe in fairies. We do believe in you. *Fairy Dust not included*

Fly away as a Disney fairy in this Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume, and feel the Halloween magic!

SAS ID: 38286

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