Women’s Tantalizing Teal Flapper Costume


Women’s Tantalizing Teal Flapper Costume

Do you love exclaiming, Applesauce! whenever you’re excited? Is your drink of choice always a Mint Julep? Do you prefer dancing the Charleston and the Foxtrot instead of getting down to today’s popular dances like the Dougie and the Dab? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then it’s time to face this harsh reality: you’re one cool cat who has the jazzy soul of a 1920’s flapper and it’s about time you show it off, girl!Take it upon yourself to turn your local city’s dance club into a swanky speakeasy! First, try this this teal flapper costume on for size because it will set the mood for the rest of the evening. Get a little ossified off your favorite giggle water that you’re sipping on and start mingling with the crowd. Try your best to get everyone on board with your Jazz Era takeover, (just be sure to add that you’re very much against Prohibition), and we think that people will oblige in your endeavor to throw a spontaneous decade party. However, if you find that most party goers don’t want to jump on the roaring twenties band wagon, don’t worry. You still look gorgeous, doll face! This woman’s tantalizing teal flapper costume is a great look for ladies who want to shake things up and bring 1920’s ritz and glitz to the present day. Even if others don’t want to join in on your roaring 20’s theme party, you’ll still look like the epitome of class when you wear this sparkly teal dress which features a matching bolero jacket and a coordinating feather headband!

Go with a classic 20s look in this women’s tantalizing teal flapper costume.

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