Women’s Long Sleeve White Bodysuit Costume


Women’s Long Sleeve White Bodysuit Costume

The New Tighty Whitey When you think of tighty-whities you might think of undergarments. We get it, that’s the standard. But here’s the thing. This bodysuit is both tight and white so is it not also a tighty-whitey? It’s so fun to say and since this suit is so fun to wear, the title and this look kind of go together, don’t you think? Well, whether you hate our tighty-whitey opinion or you’re totally on board, we think you’ll love this versatile, on-trend costume separate!Product DetailsBuild your own costume with this sleek bodysuit. The nylon fabric allows it to stretch to your shape so you can stay comfortable. And the snap crotch makes sure restroom breaks throughout the day convenient. The simple design makes this costume piece easy to pair with accessories from your own collection as well as our catalog. So keep this bodysuit around, you never know when you’ll be able to break it out for an impromptu themed party!So Easy It’s SpookyPutting together a ghost or angel costume has never been so simple. Just pair this with a tutu or our spooky themed leggings and you’re basically there. All an angel costume requires is a great pair of wings and white shorts or a fun, fluffy skirt. It’s your bodysuit, do what you want with it! Find the perfect outfit? Tell us about it when you leave a review. We’re sure this bodysuit will lead to sweet costumes!

Add your own accessories to this Women’s Long Sleeve White Bodysuit to create a unique Halloween costume.

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