Women’s Jumpsuit Monkey Around Costume


Women’s Jumpsuit Monkey Around Costume

START MONKEYING AROUNDAs primates, we are bestowed with heightened intelligence, opposable thumbs, and permission to use them both to cause some serious mischief.  Unfortunately, this little thing called polite society gets in the way of letting loose completely.  It seems that being a higher primate also comes along with a whole bunch of additional expectations and the obligation to remain civil wherever we go.  No jumping on beds.  No swinging on chandeliers.  Hardly seems fair to work all day and then be expected to still act like the professional!  Meanwhile, we look at the supposed “lower primates” and watch them having a great time all day!  What kind of society is designed to make us jealous of the freedom afforded to others?  Well, with the right pokes and prods to our genetics, we can have a little vacation from all that responsibility.  Too far?  Perhaps something slightly less permanent… DESIGN & DETAILSLet the fun go free when you step into the world of the monkey thanks to this exclusive Monkey Around Jumpsuit.  Our highly trained in-house designers have blended the complexity of genetic science with the comfort and ease of high-quality fabrication to produce this back-zipped jumpsuit made of a super-soft and luxurious brown and tan minky fabric.  The long tail and embroidered hood make for the perfect physical transformation into your monkey buddy though the real change will come when your attitude slips right into the mischevious fun that you’re looking for!  BEAN BAGS NOT INCLUDEDYou’re going to have a great time letting loose when you transform from principled person to mischevious monkey thanks to this amazing jumpsuit.  We highly recommend keeping a surplus of bananas in the area, though you might have a great time with some brown bean bags to chuck around.  If you don’t want to go that far, you can just send “poo emojis” to your friends. 

Transform yourself in to a cute, playful monkey with this exclusive Women’s Monkey Around Jumpsuit.

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