Women’s Groovy Go Go Girl Costume


Women’s Groovy Go Go Girl Costume

You dance to the beat of your own drum… as matter of fact, actual drums. You know, the kind they used back in the 60s and 70s? And actually, we’re sure that pretty much everything you do is inspired by that by-gone era of vinyl and free love. You drink your Coca-Cola out of glass bottles, ride in huge V8 cars that wouldn’t pass modern safety inspections, listen to the Beatles, the Stones, and the Beach Boys, and use phrases like “far out” and “out of sight”… without so much as a hint of irony. That’s why this Women’s Groovy Go Go Girl Costume is your ticket to resurrecting the Summer of Love for just one night… Halloween!It’s instantly recognizable as a stylish and fashionable throwback to the hippie era. With two pieces (the top and the skirt) connected by large rings exposing the midriff, this dress has the daring retro design that many try to emulate today. And let’s not forget the pattern. It’s a groovy, psychedelic floral print that matches the styles of the 60s and 70s perfectly. And the proverbial cherry on top is the white headband, which we’re pretty sure will make women’s retro headwear “in” again!Whether you’re trying to recreate that “Woodstock” look, dress up as a 60s backup dancer, or look like the kinda gal that runs with Don Draper, the Women’s Groovy Go Go Girl Costume is the way to go. Just don’t forget to have a look around at our selection of Go Go boots!

This Women’s Groovy Go Go Girl Costume is perfect for attenting a retro themed 70s party.

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