Women’s Grecian Costume Dress


Women’s Grecian Costume Dress

If you’re planning a toga party, historical accuracy may not be on your priority list. So you maybe don’t care that historical purists would insist that there was never any such thing as a Greek toga or a women’s toga or a child’s toga. And this Women’s Grecian Dress ISN’T a toga. If you ARE interested in historical accuracy, this costume is actually a fairly accurate representation of what a Greek woman would have worn. The only difference is that an ancient version would have been ankle-length instead of above-the-knee. But the shape, the draping and the geometric trim are realistic. For a toga, party, however, perhaps you only care that it’s cute–which it is!

Look just like a respectable maiden of ancient Athens in this Women’s Grecian Dress!

SAS ID: 38286

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