Women’s Black Rhinestone Tights


Women’s Black Rhinestone Tights

EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it! Ensure your extremities are the most ‘extra’ by coating them with rhinestone encrusted fishnet fabric. Accent the rhinestones adorning your neck, ears, wrists, and fingers by wearing black rhinestone tights. Both simple and flashy this accessory can be worn with many different outfits or costumes to add a pop of sparkle. Each rhinestone twinkles in the light so the perfect place to flaunt them is any dance floor where a disco ball hovers. It’s the only way to dust glitter on your legs without making a complete mess; trust us!PRODUCT DETAILSLeg Avenue knows a thing or two about incorporating fashion trends into the costume industry. These black fishnets tights are stretchy enough to fit all shapes and sizes so they come in one standard size. Attached iridescent rhinestones are featured from waistband to toe. When your legs are speckled with sparkling gems you’ll look amazing and feel confident. We would recommend offsetting the hosiery with a sparkling smile but it’s impossible not to beam with delight when wearing this accessory. SPARKLE IS ALWAYS ACCEPTABLEThese tights can transition from costume tights to date night tights depending on what they’re paired with. Use them to accessorize a little black dress or add them to a unicorn, fairy, or princess costume for a radian glow.                 

Get these glamorous Women’s Black Rhinestone Tights to put some pizzazz in your look. You will love the way they sparkle!

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