Vintage Pin Up Soldier Women’s Costume


Vintage Pin Up Soldier Women’s Costume

Model CitizenThese days, we don’t think of pin-up girls as heroes very often. They were just models, right? Not during WW2! During World War Two pin-up girls were painted on airplane noses, much like the bowheads on the bow of a Viking ship. While these ladies might have looked a little risque, they were there to bring the airplane extra luck on their perilous trips over the European mainland. While women weren’t allowed to be a part of those harrowing dog fights high in the sky, the illustrations painted on these planes would give the pilots the confidence to take off with a steady hand. In the forties, it didn’t matter what your specialty was. The name of the game was one for all and all for one!Details & DesignAny fan of retro fashion is sure to love this Made by Us pin-up costume that combines khaki and classy in a timeless way. It features a high-waisted pair of army green pants and a khaki cropped top that ties in the middle. It’s topped with a military-style hat to set it off right. The top has a charming square neckline and is accented with gold buttons that match the double buttons on the pants. With a timeless color scheme and a structured cut, this outfit will make your salute really hit home. Neat as a PinAre you ready to get that pin-up girl polish? Curl your hair into the perfect Victory roll and apply a classic red lipstick for an amazing pin-up girl look. Throw on a pair of character pumps and you’ll look right at home posing for the camera. Now, all you need to do is find someone to paint your picture on the side of an airplane. Honestly, we don’t think that’s too much to ask!

Go back in time with this Women’s Vintage Pin Up Soldier Costume! This exclusive costume offers a vintage yet sexy take on your soldier costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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