Thigh High White Fishnets


Thigh High White Fishnets

Do you need an extra addition to the fantasy world that you like to live in the bedroom? How about a nice little combination of sexy and innocent? White may be the color of purity in most things but we all know there are some serious exceptions to the rules. And if there aren’t then they were made to be broken. We just like white because it’s easy to get…dirty… Need to make your Naughty Nurse costume a little naughtier (that’s possible? Yes. Yes it is.) Pair up with these Thigh High White Fishnets to have an outfit so sizzling that his heart will not only race, it’ll go into cardiac arrest! Be sure to check out all the sexy boots we have too. We would also recommend pairing this with a sexy garter belt to keep these beauties up and keep the tease going all the way from the start to the finish.

Take a walk on the naughty side in a pair of White Thigh Fishnet Stockings. You’ll send his heart into cardiac arrest with this sensual leg wear.

SAS ID: 38286

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