The Women’s Yellow Raincoat Costume


The Women’s Yellow Raincoat Costume

No Silver Lining NeededRainy days are underrated. Who doesn’t secretly love getting caught in the rain on the way home? You get soaked to the bone, change into your coziest clothes, and watch the rain fall with a hot cup of tea, feeling the coziest you can possibly feel! We think it’s about time that we celebrate a rainy day. Temp those delightfully spooky fall thunderstorms with this bright and cheerful raincoat costume. If you want going singing in the rain, there have to be a few storm clouds!Product DetailsThis might look like a simple, retro, rubber raincoat but it’s designed to be much more flattering. While we’ve lost the waterproof factor, this costume is much more lightweight and breathable than the coat you wore puddle jumping when you were a kid. The long coat goes to mid-thigh. It buttons up the front with metal snaps and has a subtle fit and flare that flatters your shape. The costume has a toggle at the hood to make you look like you’re ready for some serious weather ahead! Top this off with red rubber boots for a timeless look for any costume party!Rain or ShineDo you want a costume that’s good to go no matter what kind of costume party blows your way? This yellow jacket can become spooky, retro, and adorable, depending on what you pair it with? Horror movie fan? Pair this with a toy boat have your partner dress up as a certain clown for a unique couple’s costume. Heading to a family-friendly event? Make it kid-friendly by holding a container of salt and wearing retro knee socks to become a salt company icon! You could even throw on a pair of bear eats and to become a classic kid’s book character. Shower this costume with love because you’ll find all sorts of reasons to break out this trusty raincoat!

Keep dry on a rainy day with the Women’s Yellow Raincoat Costume. No matter the weather, keep the party going.

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