Spare Ribs Prosthetic


Spare Ribs Prosthetic

Some times, you may find yourself feeling like a zombie, like at the end of a long work week, or if you’ve just watched way too much daytime TV in one sitting. You have one pretty big advantage over the real undead, though: if you accidentally scrape or cut yourself, you’ll heal right up after a few days. But if a reanimated corpse gets a boo-boo, they get to deal with that forever. Not that they care or anything, but still, what a bummer… Even though (we hope) you aren’t actually a zombie, it can be fun to dress up and act like one. So, next time you are suiting up like a member of the undead masses, add this Spare Ribs Prosthetic kit to your pasty, bloody, decomposing style. This latex accessory easily goes on your body, and gives the realistic appearance of some major damage to your rib area. If this were a real injury, you’d definitely want to run some cold water and slap a bandage on that. But when you’re a zombie, it’s just part of the daily grind!

Complete your scary Halloween costume with this spare ribs accessory. This spare ribs prosthetic is a great zombie costume accessory.

SAS ID: 38286

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